Works Program

One of the biggest barriers to healing poverty is unemployment.

The men in the Works Program are often considered unemployable due to problems in their past. This does not reflect their willingness to work, but reluctance of potential employers to hire. Most businesses are not willing to hire somebody who has gaps in their job history, especially if those gaps include jail time, but we have recognized we have the opportunity to help those men become employable again and return to being contributing members of our community.

The MannaWorks’s Works Program is a place for them to start building a stable job history. We take the risk of hiring them. We help them acclimate to a working environment again. We patiently help them learn to control their anger issues, manage their mood swings and also help them find appropriate housing. We help them ease back in to the real world of paying for the responsibilities they owe including, in some cases, child support. Basically, we help them learn how to work again. They have to get a job and be able to sustain that job. Our goal is for these men to earn the chance for employment at traditional employers because of the life skills they have learned with MannaWorks.