March 2010 Newsletter

We’ve cleared a major hurdle with approval as a Federal tax exempt charity! Donors from 2009 should have already received their amended year-end tax receipt statements reflecting this new designation as a 501(c)(3) organization.

What are some of the other matters we are involved in? The Lighthouse is getting a new roof. The final phase of James Chapel repair is coming in April. And don’t forget to check and see what’s going on in Roy’s mind.

501(c)(3) Approval!

  • What does that mean and why does that matter?

It means that we are officially recognized as a tax-exempt organization.

For you, that means that your donations to MannaWorks are tax deductible. We know that you support us form many right reasons, but we also know that you like the amount of those contributions deducted from your taxes.

For us that means that we don’t have to pay taxes and are not subject to certain fees that other businesses are responsible for paying. This will avoid costs of hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, and that saved money can be applied to our ministry efforts.

It also means that we can now pursue something that we have been asked about many times, and that is automatic monthly donations. With our newly received tax designations, numbers and secret handshake we can complete the paperwork to make that happen. Soon after this process is completed we will be able to respond to those questions with the details you need to begin those monthly donations.

(Edit: Click the link to ACH document for setting up automatic bank account withdrawals.)

Lighthouse – When it rains…

  • We go where the need is and after this very wet start to the year its been all about roofs and leaks.

The latest effort is at the Lighthouse transitional housing unit. The building is part of Mission Waco’s rehabilitation strategy. It provides “Christian based living for men who have completed treatment and are trying to re-establish themselves back into mainstream society.” This is the final step toward a return to successful life for the men who reside there.

The roof had failed at several key points and had outlasted its expected life. It has been torn off and a new deck and roof are being installed.

James Chapel’s trim and carpet phase

When we left James Chapel several weeks ago everyone was very happy with the progress. We could see the repaired foundation, and we ere able to install new windows, and replace the suspended ceiling. We were even able to install new roofing shingles over the new roof deck.

Best of all, our volunteers and the people of James Chapel go to know each other as we shared a day of putting our best effort into repairing the building. Pastor Lacy tells us that there have been no more leaks and they are back to worshipping in their sanctuary.

From the mind of Roy:

One of the great things about MannaWorks is getting to meet the extraordinary people who run the non-profits we are trying to help. These people saw a need, trusted in God, and chose to meet the need. These are just a few of the organizations we have been meeting:

Caritas was started in the basement of a church by some ladies who decided to create a food pantry. Now it is the biggest food distribution center in the county helping up to 100 people a day who are in need of emergency assistance.

Mission Waco was started by a man who saw a need, trusted God and now it is one of the biggest urban ministries in the state helping the homeless and the poor.

Friends for Life was started by a lady that just happened to be at the hospital visiting her grandmother when another lady asked her to stay with her because she didn’t want to die alone. She saw a need, prayed to God to help her meet the need and now it is one of the largest adult day care and service facilities for the elderly in the state. Their guardianship services are offered in 39 counties.

It took a few years for me to figure out that as Christians, we often sit on the sidelines waiting for some grand sign from God, that we are supposed to get in the game and start helping and reaching people. When a bolt of lightening doesn’t strike, we shrug and think “I guess God doesn’t need me here.” We need to stop the constant praying and talking about a sign from God and just act. God just wants us to act on what we see and He will take it where He wants it to go.

As Christ’s followers we’re not only called to preach the good news but we are called to embody it with our lives by acting on the needs of those hurting around us. That could be a co-worker, friend, church member or a homeless person. If we think about Jesus, and only believe things about Jesus, not much is going to happen. It is when we take to risk of acting like Jesus acted that a change starts in our soul and who we are in Christ.

James 1:22 says “be doers of the word, and not hearers only: that is what the leaders of these non-profits did. Not only have they changed the lives of may people, but their lives have also been tremendously changed in Christ.

God Bless,