February 2010 Newsletter

It’s been another big month for MannaWorks and we thought you’d like to know about it. As you read below you’ll see how we worked shoulder to shoulder with a crowd f volunteers to repair James Chapel in Leroy. We were also featured in an article in the February issue of WacoToday. Your can read about our increasing involvement with an inner city church in Waco. Finally, Roy has some thoughts he’d like to share with you. See below for more information.

Major improvements at James Chapel

Thanks to the volunteers of Harris Creek Baptist Church, who gave us a day of labor, James Chapel is back to being weather tight.

It was our original hope to have enough volunteers to complete the roof and windows. We even stated ceiling tiles at the site so that if work on the roof was delayed by rain we could at least make progress inside the sanctuary.

The weather cooperated (barely) and so many willing volunteers came that we were able to do it all! Now the church has a newly restored foundation, new roof, new energy-efficient windows, and a new ceiling in the sanctuary. All of this work has been done for them by MannaWorks and volunteers for only $15,000 in donated funds.

A homebuilder who was visiting said he had never seen a crew work harder or so cheerfully. The members of James Chapel are very grateful for all of the improvements.

To our volunteers:

Thank You! We are grateful for your enthusiastic support. We know many of you wanted to do more and that chance will be coming in the springtime. The chapel still needs some wood trim repair, new paint and new carpet. While these additional repairs will improve the cosmetics of the building they are needed to protect the building against further deterioration. We are estimating the cost of completing the work at $3,500 and MannaWorks is actively seeking donations to cover that amount.

(Edit: MannaWorks completed this work before summer 2010)

Feature article in Wacotoday

When it comes to non-profits and ministries MannaWorks is the new kid in town. So we were surprised when the Waco Tribune-Herald called to interview us for a story in their monthly insert magazine WacoToday.

If you haven’t seen the online article yet take a look here.

We’re grateful for the help they’ve given us in getting our story out to a wider audience.

From the mind of Roy:

In Mark Chapter 12 Jesus is asked the question “What is the greatest commandment of all?” He replies that it is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength. Then He says, “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” As Christians we are mandated to love God and love others.

Two weekends ago MannaWorks partnered with Harris Creek Baptist Church to refurbish the James Chapel in Leroy, Texas. We had 50 volunteers who were willing to brave the cold and mud to help this little church that had fallen on hard times, but is still trying to be the light in their community. Sure, we were able to bless this congregation by fixing the church but I believe the bigger blessing was the effect that it had on the volunteers themselves. Many volunteers have been calling and asking when the next project is and wanting to know how they can help on a regular basis. They talk about what a huge blessing it was for themselves.

There is no doubt that when we take our attention off ourselves and put it towards helping someone else the blessings start pouring out. When we stop worrying about ourselves and step into another person’s life we are fulfilling the law of Christ. Jesus Himself said that He did not come to be served but to serve. God is calling for us to get out there and demonstrate His love to others through the good things that we are willing to do.

My prayer and hope is that you will get a chance to experience the tremendous blessing carrying on God’s mandate of loving Him, loving our neighbors and teaching others to do the same.

Thanks to all who volunteered in Leroy.

God Bless,