December 2009 Newsletter

It has been a month since the MannaWorks banquet and we are moving full steam ahead. We have moved into our offices and settled in. We are already getting many calls from non-profits that need help with their facilities and many more calls from church groups that want to volunteer.

God laid on our hearts that there was a need for this type of ministry, but we don’t think even we realized how big the need is our is going to be but I know God does. (He is in control, we are just along for the ride!) It is an honor for us to get to know some of the people we are working with.

Read on about a couple of the projects we are working on.

Rehabbing Mission Waco’s Mannahouse

Mannahouse is a drug rehab facility that is one of the Mission Waco properties. We are in the process of fixing the foundation right new and that is going well. So far, rotten foundation beams have been removed and replaced, and decayed concrete piers have been sledge hammered out and new ones poured in their place. We will also be addressing concerns with windows, roofing, and siding. In the past Mission Waco would have to spend valuable time coordinating and overseeing this project. Now MannaWorks does that for them, saving them time and money and letting them concentrate on taking care of the people they need to take care of.

Restore James Chapel in Leroy

Harris Creek Baptist Church has partnered with MannaWorks to fix up the James Chapel in Leroy. The church is over a hundred years old and desperately needs some help. Even though the church sits at a slant, the windows don’t close and the roof leaks there is a faithful congregation there every Sunday trying their best to spread God’s love in a very poor community.

The foundation is in the process of being fixed right new and on January 16th a group of variously skilled volunteers from Harris Creek will be tackling the roof and windows. If you are interested in helping with this project see our contact information below.

Improvements at My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper has both an overnight shelter and longer term housing in the Supportive Housing Program (SHP). People in the SHP can take up to 6 months to gather resources to move into permanent housing. During that time they share living space with each other MannaWorks is updating and replacing existing cabinets for their personal belongings in the SHP. The new cabinets will give them a better sense of dignity and more security.

MannaWorks is also adding a covered sitting area to protect them from the weather when they are outside, and we are improving the way the heating/air conditioning equipment enclosed.