MannaWorks has been active for over 5 years helping people in Central Texas affected by one of the highest poverty rates in the state. Our approach attacks the problem in two different ways.

The first way is through our Maintenance Program. We help the non-profit organizations that are on the front line with their facilities maintenance, support and improvement needs. We can often provide the work at half of the cost of classic contractor’s bids. The saved money is then used by the organization to help more of the clients that they serve daily. Maintenance and repair are facts of life; many of the buildings involved were “affordable” for a good reason and need significant effort to keep them functioning correctly. We know the more funds the organizations save from repair costs, the more they can apply to helping the people who are their prime focus, the needy of Central Texas.


The second way is through our Works Program. We bring in men who have not had a stable work history or have not worked in a while. Most of these men come out of rehab environments or are recently released from prison. We patiently teach them how to acclimate to a work environment again. We actually pay them to be in the program. This allows them to ease back in to the real world of paying for the responsibilities they owe such as child support and court costs. The goal is for them to learn how to get a job and sustain it. We want them to become a productive part of society for their children and the city.