MannaWorks, Waco’s construction ministry, ceased operations in September 2020.

Thank you Waco and Central Texas for your faithful, enthusiastic support of MannaWorks and our work here in the area. Over the years we have helped provide essential guidance, labor and materials to many other non-profits who are on the front lines offering care and shelter while renewing the life skills and hope of many in our area who are facing crises.

It was an honor to walk alongside you and our non-profit partners to help bring some help and healing to so many here in Waco. God blessed us through you and we are grateful.

Roy, Kevin and Cliff


MannaWorks is Waco’s ally to non-profits that help the marginalized and impoverished members of the our community.

guys-changing-safety-lights225x300We were created in response to repeated requests for relief from non-profit leadership burdened by the costs and complexity of managing their facilities upkeep.

We respect the difficulty they face as they focus their attention and limited resources on their primary mission and then are confronted with the additional challenge of correcting problems with their facilities. The result of this can create a dilemma forcing them to choose between applying inadequate funding toward their primary mission versus completing required repairs or necessary improvements in their buildings.

gregtrowel201x300This is where MannaWorks gets involved. To help them resolve these issues we bring to the table years of experience in the construction and building trades. We can work with them to reduce to cost of the repairs and improvements by as much as 50%. Over the past 5 years we have saved the non-profits in our community hundreds of thousands of dollars. This money is saved so that it can be applied to their main purpose, helping the needy of Waco and Central Texas.

We’ve even developed a way to directly involve some of the men who are struggling with poor life choices to help them get back on their feet. We help them restore their lives; they help us restore the facilities of the non-profits. Click the link to learn more about what we call the Works Program.